Madera Estimator

Madera Estimator is a powerful estimating program that is designed to quickly and easily create estimates while improving accuracy. The program was designed with flexibility and customization in mind. Everything can be customized to fit your estimating system.  Madera Estimator can be used in a wide range of projects for Residential Contractors, Trade Contractors, Remodelers and Light Commercial Professionals.

  • Easily add items to estimate from a database
  • Project variables
  • Item Assemblies
  • Multiple cost types (material, labor, subcontractor, equipment, other, etc.)
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Easily add your own spreadsheets
  • Easy to adjust project markups
  • Flexible markups on individual items, on estimate sheets, and on the whole estimate
  • Dynamic Structure – add, modify, move, or delete estimate and database sheets
  • Multiple vendor costs per item
  • Lump sum or detailed estimating methods
  • Time saving tools and utilities
  • Customizable columns
  • Customizable reports
  • Customized user-defined formulas
  • Estimate files can be viewed on any computer
  • And much more…
Saves time and reduces errors
By using Madera Estimator, you’ll find that rethinking and retyping the same information is no longer necessary. You can easily create items in the database and then add them to an estimate with the click of a button. This can dramatically reduce your estimating time and reduce errors.

Learn Excel
A major advantage of learning to use Madera Estimator is that you are learning Microsoft Excel. Excel is extremely powerful and is used throughout the world. The skills you learn in Excel can help you in other aspects of your business. In addition, there is an incredible amount of resources available to help you (most of them are free). View our Excel Resources page to see some of the available resources.

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